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Bottle Top Hugs


These cute little ‘Beer Top Hugs’ are just something totally different to send to your family, friends and loved ones during these days & very difficult times which we’ve been facing.
If you’re like me and haven’t seen too much of your family (like my brother) then these little Beer Top Hugs are a perfect little token to say ‘Sending You Hugs’.
Each one is hand made and resin is added with different coloured glitters and sequins. The wording ‘HUGS’ in small beads are placed inside the resin towards the end of the curing process (drying out). A drilled hole is inserted to the beer top so I can attach the jump rings easily to then make into keyrings. Then I finish off with a copper disc that I handstamp, not engrave with a machine, onto each disc the wording saying ‘Sending You’
They’re just the most lovely way to send some ‘HUGS’.
Beer Tops filled with resin
Glitter, Sequins, Dust.
Copper Discs
Aluminium Keyring with Chain
Split Rings
Each item is handmade to order.
I aim to make and dispatch all orders within the stated dispatch times.
All items are specific to you. Please “contact the shop” if you need it by a specific date to the UK only.
Beer Tops are 28mm
Copper discs are 22mm
All of my makes come together in a little organza gift bag and my Seagrass information card so it’s perfect to gift as it is. I like to use as little plastic as possible.
Seagrass Information card
Organza bag
Every item that I make is handmade to order and lots of care is taken.
I aim to make and dispatch all orders within the stated dispatch times.
Please note that all of my work is hand-made to order so no two makes will ever be the same but I will do my upmost to make them as close to my photos shown and as perfect as possible for you. Colours, textures, glitter, sequins will vary in colour and parts will move about as the resin sets to dry Overnight. The curing process does take a few days for each make to be completely dry before I can dispatch it out to you as I wouldn’t want to rush my work and send it to you still sticky.
Font styles will vary which I’ll choose for you to make sure each letter fits within the stamping area.
A heavy hammer is used to stamp each single letter and design so with the strike of the hammer the blank will move around a little making the backs slightly scuffed. This adds they’re own quality and uniqueness to my work.
All metal discs are made out of high quality metal and are lightweight.
There may be some delays with postage at the moment due to COVID-19 that are out of our control.
I am unable to accept returns on anything that has been personalised.

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