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Black Lives Matter T Shirt

“I’m sure I say this in solidarity with the majority when I say my heart has felt incredible heavy recently. Not solely because of the sickening murder of George Floyd we have all witnessed, but from sitting in the awareness of the fact that he is one of far too many black people to have been betrayed by the system that is supposed to be there to protect them.

The reality that racism isn’t getting worse, it has always been this way or worse. It’s just now we are seeing it more frequently because globally we are now interlinked through our divides. Through social media.

Enough is enough. Sitting in the shadows and not being racist whilst wishing and praying for a new world where we can all live peacefully with one another is no longer good enough. It’s time to stand up with and for our brothers and sisters within the black community and to get active and to be the change we wish to see in this world.

As put so beautifully by Aaron @indigochild “we are the microcosm and the universe is the macrocosm, when WE change, IT changes, don’t ever doubt the power we have as individuals”

It’s time to actively take a stand and make a difference in any way that we can.

I’ve created a T-shirt that displays the Black Lives Matter logo on the front and on the back a quote from Martin Luther King ~ “there comes a time when silence is betrayal”

Between now and the end of June this design will be available on T-shirt’s all sizes for both men and women (and children too) up to 3XL and on tote bags too.

At the end of June I will be donating 100% of the profits to the Black Lives Matter charity

Please get behind this brothers and sisters, or if you’re not in a position to purchase/ donate, share share share and spread the word

It’s time to take a stand now. To stand firm in our truths. Uphold our values and cultivate positive change. We are all equal. We are all one. Right now our brothers and sisters from the black community (that phrase in itself doesn’t sit right with me, we should ALL inclusively be ONE community) need us to use our voices and stand with them

Sending everyone so much love 🧡

Blessed be, Jessica @Boho_Butia ”


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Black Lives Matter T-shirt

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