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Joanna Gifts

Hello my name is Joan Roach  and my Artisan name is Joanna Gifts (my Mum quite often called me Joanna so that is where I got the name idea from).

Having worked in big corporations in an office capacity all my working life it was a breath of fresh air to try something creative.  I started making soaps and loved all the essential oils and being creative with my packaging.  I also started making fairies from wire and found my inner fairy was working and it was nice to indulge my imagination and I like working with different fabrics and like to paint too so I paint their face when they are dressed so I can create their personality – yes hand crafted fairies do have a personality – of course they do – a fairy told me!

I also love gemstones and the meanings of each one – love bright beads and I have made children’s bracelets for years – my little niece has quite a collection now.  I like to create and am always making something – too numerous to list really.  Keeps me busy in my retirement anyway……