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Wine Vinegar 50ml


The Slow Vinegar Company make small batches from scratch, taking roots, fruits, berries and blossoms through multiple stages of fermentation and ageing to create complex tasting wine vinegars with great depth of flavour.  All their vinegars are raw containing ‘the mother’ and full of natural goodness.

— All wine vinegars are made from scratch with 100% natural ingredients.

— They are carefully double fermented and aged before bottling to create distinctive tastes and complex depths of flavour.

— They are all raw, unpasteurised and contain ‘the mother’, are vegan friendly and contain no additives, sulphites or additional preservatives.

— By using natural produce when it is at its freshest means that the flavour range is aligned with the growing seasons giving these vinegars an added dimension of interest.

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Strawberry & Raspberry, Wild Garlic, Ginger, Orange & Lemon, Apple & Blackberry, Beetroot, Blackcurrant