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‘OPHELIA’ the Asparagus Fern


It’s a big decision to adopt a plant so let’s get to know Ophelia a bit more to see if she’ll fit in with your family and home.


HER BOTANICAL NAME:  Asparagus setaceus

NICKNAME: Asparagus fern; Lace fern; Ferny asparagus

PLANT TYPE: Evergreen climber, indoor


PET/BABY SAFE: Toxic if ingested. Tsk Ophelia! 

LIKES: Steamy bathrooms. Yeah baby! Being spritzed with a plant mister. Partial shade. Indirect sunlight. Aretha Franklin. Sitting on shelves. Hot balmy Summer days.

DISLIKES: Being touched. Soggy soil. Direct sunlight. Daytime TV.

PERSONALITY TRAITS: Bit of a loner. Prefers own company.

SUPER POWERS: Air purifying. In the wild she will flower in the spring with little bell-shaped blooms that give way to small green berries. 

FUN FACT: Despite the name, the asparagus fern is not actually a true fern. It was just given the name because it looks very…ferny.

TOP TIPS: Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Liquid fertiliser once per month in Spring and Summer.

If you want to adopt a ‘OPHELIA’ pop this elegant lady in your basket!

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